Aircon Installation

For an air conditioner to operate efficiently, proper installation needs to occur. Each air conditioning unit comes with a set of specifications that the installer has to follow during installation. Erroneous placement of a component can negatively affect how the entire system performs.

As a homeowner, you have the right to access a high performing air conditioning unit, particularly if you happen to live in an area characterized by warm tropical climates.

1. Selecting the correct install area

If installing a split AC, you need to find a strong wall that can easily accommodate the outdoor and indoor units. Even in instances where the outer unit is installed on another wall, choosing a strong wall helps reduce vibrations induced into the structure’s walls.

Also, ensure that there is a distance of at least fifteen centimeters above and on the AC unit’s side. If possible, try and place it at least seven feet from the ground.

2. Fix your mounting plate and drill an outlet hole

Firmly hold the mounting plate against the wall’s side on the location where the indoor unit will rest. The plate needs to remain horizontal at all times. You can use a spirit level or measuring tape to help you level it.

Drill the holes where the wire and the pipe will go to meet the unit that will get installed outside.

3. Mounting your indoor AC unit

Gently remove the cover at the front of the AC and start lifting it towards the mounting plate. Ensure you send two copper pipes through the holes you drilled earlier. You will also need to send out a wire and a drainage pipe.

Confirm that the copper pipes have great bends to guarantee a good cooling performance.

4. Choosing a great installation spot

You need to make sure that there is a distance of at least thirty centimeters around your outdoor unit. The distance helps in providing optimum performance. The spot you choose should not have direct sunlight or too much dust.

5. Fixing your brackets

After finding the correct installation spot begin by drilling a hole to hold the brackets. The holes should be aligned horizontally. Use shipped fasteners to fix your brackets.

6. Mounting the outdoor unit

Slowly lift the outdoor unit of your air conditioner and place it on the same bracket. You will also need to screw in the bracket. Finish by bolting up the air conditioner unit using the brackets.

7. Connecting your wires

You will need to open the cover over your electrical ports. Check the connection diagram that came with the air conditioning unit. Follow the instructions to connect the power cable to the external air conditioning unit. It is always best to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to avoid damaging the air conditioning unit.

8. Connecting the copper wires

Take a vacuum pump and use it to connect the copper wires. Take the wires and connect each wire to its corresponding pipe. The flare nuts will help you do this with ease. Close the nuts tightly before proceeding to open the gas valves.