When you live in a subtropical climate such as the one in Singapore, you quickly realize that you cannot live without air conditioning. Air conditioning not only plays an important role in keeping your home and business cool, but it also helps get rid of unwanted humidity.

As much as air conditioning is beneficial, it also happens to have a downside. The system requires regular servicing for it to remain functional. Luckily for you, regular maintenance is not as tedious as many think.

Instead of having to put up with the extreme heat temperatures during the hot sunny days, you need to ensure that you have opted-in for frequent maintenance.

General Air Conditioning Scope

The following are some of the services that you can expect to receive when you opt-in for a general air conditioning service package. Normally, the scope of work will cover a lot of things. It ensures that any residue water in the drainage pipe is flushed out and that the unit gets cleaned thoroughly.

In detail, the services will include:

  • Checking the operation of all the major electrical connections. It is necessary to ensure that there are no loose wires in the system.
  • Going through the external front panels and covers. This includes checking the bottom, side, and top of the aircon.
  • Looking for unusual noises emanating from the aircon unit when it is operational.
  • Thoroughly cleaning the air conditioner filters.
  • Checking the discharge pressure and compressor suction. This is also referred to as the refrigerant system check.
  • Checking the operating condition of the blower fan installed in the air conditioner fan. The technician may apply grease lubricant if they deem it necessary.
  • Cleaning the evaporator coils in the air conditioning system.
  • Flushing and checking the condensation water drainage pipe.
  • Cleaning the condensation water drainage pan in the air conditioning system.

From the servicing scope mentioned above, it is clear for all homeowners to see that air conditioner maintenance covers all the aspects of this highly important home component. Working with a Singaporean professional technician means that you will never have to worry about the system breaking down during the hot days.

You should also try and schedule regular checkups as they help ensure that there are minimal chances of the unit ever breaking down on you. It is also a great way for you to avoid incurring huge costs that may come with having to replace the whole thing altogether.

Benefits of Air Conditioner Servicing

If you have air conditioning units operating in either your home or business, you have no option but to ensure that the units get serviced as often as you can. Regular servicing and maintenance is the only way you can guarantee that the aircon will keep running efficiently. Additionally, it also helps in detecting issues that may arise out of the blue in the future.

Note that general air conditioner servicing is a hassle-free and simple exercise for you. You should use it to extend the lifespan of your Singaporean air conditioning unit.